The partners of Veratate are artists who first hand observed the incredible waste and pollution problem in fabrication while servicing the NYC art and design community. Veratate is a collaborative environment where we both educate and offer clients healthy alternatives to traditional fabrication materials and methods.

Veratate is focused on developing a breadth of natural materials from hemp. Hemp, a vehicle for environmental remediation, is at the core of all our materials. Hemp is a powerful carbon sink, soil regenerator, and has an incredibly fast growth rate. We are working with several hemp farms across the US while collecting and processing hemp waste from local farms.

Parallel to the ongoing development of alternative particle board, foam insulation, we welcome custom fabrication and design projects. In addition to advancing our materials, we are constantly growing our library of healthy materials and are excited by the prospect of developing tailored biomaterial solutions. Our main goal is to provide an outlet for designers, artists, and makers to bring life to their ideas in an environmentally respectful way.